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Featured Initiatives

CRUSH: Community Restoring Urban Youth Sexual Health CRUSH is taking action to reduce STI rates and improve the sexual health of youth in Minneapolis. A partnership of youth serving organizations and community members formed in mid-2013, CRUSH is working to address the increasing rates of chlamydia infections among teens and young adults. A celebration for […]

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The Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership (MCP) is interested in encouraging individuals and organizations to develop action plans for addressing chlamydia in their communities. In addition, occasionally the MCP sponsors events or provides information on educational opportunities from which communities can benefit. Learn about what others are doing to address chlamydia and upcoming events. The Minnesota Chlamydia […]

Research & Resources


RESEARCH Sexual Communication between Early Adolescents and Their Dating Partners, Parents, and Best Friends This study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, assessed early adolescents’ sexual communication with dating partners, parents, and best friends about six sexual health topics: condoms, birth control, STDs, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and abstinence/waiting. More than half of participants had not […]